Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coro's Community Leadership Programs

Community Leadership Programs
Coro's commitment to leadership development extends to programs that focus on strengthening the capacity of grassroots community-based leaders to positively engage with and impact their community. These programs fall into three categories: the Neighborhood Leaders Program (NLP), Leadership Programs for Faith-Based Organizations, and Youth Leadership Programs.
Customized Programs
Coro offers customized training in specific leadership skill areas.
Several organizations, including Accenture, GMC Insurance, St. Louis City Public Schools, Washington University, the St. Louis Housing Authority, RHCDA, West End Redevelopment Corporation (Belleville, IL) and many others have requested and received experiential and skill-based training provided by Coro. Specific content areas for customized programs related to nonprofit capacity enhancement include board development, strategic planning, fundraising, collaborations and networks, power models, and social capital.  To design a program to fit your organizational leadership needs, contact Dawn Stringfield at (636) 827-9802.
Neighborhood Leaders Program

The Neighborhood Leaders Program is a capacity building program that seeks to enhance the leadership skills of citizens living and working within geographically defined communities to enable them to develop and advance their community building agenda. Coro believes that, with enhanced skills, knowledge and exposure to resources and assets, individual citizens can drive sustainable neighborhood revitalization efforts and create social change.
The program enables participants to improve their community through the development of skills such as meeting management, asset mapping, self-assessment, project planning, group process, and interviewing. The goal of the training is for citizens to determine for themselves how they want to move forward with projects for community improvement.
Since 1992, Coro has worked in more than 30 urban communities in the metropolitan area.  If you are interested in preparing your neighborhood leaders for change through effective and ethical leadership, contact Dawn Stringfield at (636) 827-9802 to see how we may help.
Giving Voice: Civic Strategies for Religious Leaders
The voice of the faith community is important in improving community life. To strengthen that voice, three foundations - Incarnate Word Foundation, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, and the Deaconess Foundation - have set goals of increasing the number of faith leaders who are visible in the civic arena. Giving Voice is designed for women and men who are religious leaders seeking to become more effective civic leaders. Let us design a program for your faith leaders that will help them “give voice” to address the spiritual and quality of life issues in your community.  For more information contact Dawn Stringfield.
Youth Leadership
Coro is committed to preparing youth leaders to enhance the quality of life in their communities. The focus of these programs is leadership skill development, project management, community service, team-building and resource identification.  This may be accomplished through school-based curriculum, after-school programs, faith-based youth initiatives, and/or the annual youth leadership summit.  To learn how Coro-St. Louis may engage your youth in meaningful activities and leadership development, contact Dawn Stringfield at (636) 827-9802.

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