Thursday, November 03, 2011

Perfect dog for adoption

Up for adoption is a super cuddly, cute, and well mannered little puppy.  He lost his family when their living situation changed and I have been fostering him while we find him a new forever home.  He is a 3.5 year old Peekapoo.  Approximately 13 lbs, with white and tan fur.  I had to get him shaved because of matting so I’ve included both before and after pictures….either way, he is adorable!  I’ve been fostering dogs for awhile and I must say this one is a favorite.  He knows sit, shake and down.  He is potty trained, does not beg for food, and is crated at night.  When he came to us a week ago he had never been crated, last night he walked in his crate at bed time and laid down on his own!  This dog is very trainable, and wants to please.  His favorite spot is curled up on someone’s lap but does well left on his own too.  Although he was the only dog at his original home, he is currently being fostered with an 85 lb lab and a very antisocial cat- having no issues with either.  We do not have small children in the house but he does well around the neighbor kids.  He can be shy at times and a little skittish around a lot of action or noise but quickly warms up to most situations.
His owner’s young son named him Sugar because he thought he looked like a sugar cookie.  Sugar is available for immediate adoption.  He is up to date on all shots and has no health issues.  There will not be an adoption fee but we are looking for a very safe, loving home.  Sugar deserves a family that is committed to him.
Please call or email me for more information.  or 618-779-3746

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