Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 10, 2009 Crime Alert Follow Up

February 10, 2009 Crime Alert Follow Up February 17, 2009 The Departments Crime Analysis Unit conducted a statistical analysis of reported vehicle thefts (and attempts) for the 6-week period of January 1, 2009 - February 11, 2009. During the specified time period, the analysis showed there were a total of 70 incidents within the Second District. The days with the most stolen autos were Thursday (over 15%) and Friday (under 25%). The target hours were 11:00 P. M. - 3:59 A. M. and 6:00 A. M. – 8:59 A. M. The peak hour was 1:00 A. M. – 1:59 A. M. The most common stolen vehicle within the district was the Dodge, 14 were the Caravan and 7 were the Stratus model. Six Jeep vehicles, all 6 were the Cherokee model. Of the 70 incidents, 20 (29%) were attempts, of the 50 vehicles stolen, 35 (70%) have since been recovered. I encourage all residents to purchase a club from the Neighborhood Stabilization Team at City Hall, Room 418 (314-622-4628) or from your Second District Public Affairs Officer, Don Veile (314-444-0168). You can also purchase other anti-theft devices from outside vendors, such as a kill or fuel switch and GPS tracking devices. Remember if you seen anything suspicious remain unseen and call 911. Sincerely, Captain Ronnie Robinson Commander Second District

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