Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes April 27, 2009

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes April 27, 2009 President Becky Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:05pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. The Minutes of the March meeting were distributed, read, and a motion to accept as presented was made, seconded, and approved. President Becky Hughes gave the President’s Report. We had a good turnout for our first Coffee in the Park of 2009, and hope to see more of you next month! Teresa Maletich has volunteered to be our new newsletter editor. Tiny Schaper presented the Treasurer’s Report. The starting balance in our Checking account was $3399.74. He has written a couple of checks, but he has not gotten a statement showing them cleared yet, so he hesitates to update the balance. He did get a few dues at the last meeting and a couple of things in the mail ($100 donation from Colleen Bridges, leftover from her campaign for Alderman). The balance after the outstanding checks have cleared should be $3297.39. He will have a more comprehensive report next time. The starting balance in our Savings account was $4822.32; it earned $2.58 in interest leaving a final balance of $4824.90. Remember, the Savings account cannot be touched, it’s where the IRS funds come out. Business membership dues should read $25 in the newsletter, not the old $20. Read More >>>>>

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