Monday, March 22, 2010

Approved Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010
The meeting was opened at 7:05 PM by President Mike Foster.
The pledge of allegiance was said.
The minutes from the Feb. meeting were distributed and read. A motion was made to
accept the minutes as presented, seconded and approved.
Treasurers report was given by Tiny Schaper. Our current savings balance is $1 and
current checking balance is $2258.07. Our IRS debt should be completely paid off now.
Officer Don Veile handed out crime statistic reports. He encourages everyone to watch
for any suspicious activity in neighborhood such as strange cars parking in the alleys or
unfamiliar people going to peoples front doors and then around to the back of house. Call
911 if you have any concerns.
NSO Dianne Rains continues to patrol areas looking for property violations, potholes etc.
Citizens can also report potholes to citizens service bureau or notify Dianne at 657 1375.
Steve Kratky reporting for Michelle Kratky our State Representative states figuring out
how to decrease and balance the state budget remains major concern.
Also Missouri’s second Show Me Green Sales Tax holiday will run April 19-25. People
who purchase new Energy Star qualified appliances will receive at least 4.225 percent off
Joe Vaccaro 23rd ward alderman reports that Arsenal overpass construction seems to be
going OK.
Epiphany school is being considered for a charter school and has representatives touring
the facility.
Bill Waterhouse 24th ward alderman reported he has had complaints regarding ducks in
Clifton Park Lake.
He also reports the Board of aldermen are struggling with cuts that need to be made to
city budget due to reduced income but nothing new definite as yet.
Gregory F>X> Daly the collector of revenue for St. Louis City was introduced to the
group and gave a summary of the purpose and duties of his office. He emphasized that
his office tries to be user friendly and to contact them for any problems with city tax bills.
Dan Rechtein from the Fraud Prevention Task Force spoke to our group regarding
learning how not to be the victim of frauds and scams. He also brought some very
informative pamphlets for everyone to take home. You can call the fraud assistance
hotline at 314 612 1412 with fraud related questions and for help in registering for
Missouri no call list and for info on obtaining your credit report.
New Business Laura Marion who had written our latest newsletter is moving out of state
to live closer to family. We thank her for helping and wish her luck.
Woody Lange who is in charge of the nominating committee for CHNA officers asked
that anyone interested in running for an office to please contact him.
Motion made to close the meeting and was seconded and approved. The meeting closed
at 8:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted
Kathy Migneco secretary

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