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Blitz Block Captain Responsibilities - March 26-27, 2011

Blitz Block Captain Responsibilities - March 26-27, 2011

Please review the enclosed information carefully and call Operation Brightside at 772-4646 with any questions.
Recruit, Educate and Organize residents on your block…
a) Recruit neighbors to clean up and sweep alleys, streets, and public areas around your block.
b) Educate your neighbors and volunteers about bulk items, yard waste and trash disposal. Attached are trash instructions to help answer any questions that may arise. Please read this information carefully. Encourage your neighbors to undertake special projects such as the clean-up of vacant lots, alleys or public areas. This is a good time to estimate the amount of tools and flowers that will be needed for your block.
Blitz Information and Trash Instructions are available in Bosnian, Vietnamese & Spanish to help Block Captains communicate with new Americans. Call Operation Brightside at 772-4646 for details.
c) Organize volunteers and set up a group meeting place and time for your Blitz Saturday. Door hangers are available through the Operation Brightside office. Door hangers help remind neighbors about Blitz. Space is provided for the date, time and meeting place for your block. There is also space to include your name and phone number.
d) Blitz Reminder signs are available to borrow or purchase for $5.00 each with a stand or $3.00 each without a metal stand. Please see enclosed sheet for further details.
Request for Bags, Tools, Heavy Equipment and Flowers…
a) Operation Brightside will provide one roll of trash bags for each Block Captain. You will receive your bags from your Area Commander. Contact your Area Commander to make arrangements for pick up. Use these bags as you and your volunteers clean your block.
b) If your block needs tools, Block Captains may request tools by completing the Tool Request Form. This form must be completed in full and returned to Operation Brightside at least two weeks prior to your Blitz Saturday.
Block Captains may pick up tools from the Operation Brightside office located at 4646 Shenandoah Ave. on the Friday prior to your Blitz from noon until 6:00 p.m. All tools must be returned to the Operation Brightside office between noon and 4:00 p.m. on your Blitz Saturday. A picture I.D. is required to pick up tools. Individuals borrowing tools will be charged $20.00 for each tool not returned.
c) Heavy Equipment may be requested for large community projects. Block Captains must fill out the Heavy Equipment Request Form and return to Operation Brightside at least two weeks prior to their Blitz Saturday. Heavy Equipment is not for personal projects.
d) Flowers will be available in May for planting on public property. Please see the Flower Request Form for details on how to order. Each Block Captain should make arrangements with your Area Commander to get your flowers. Only Area Commanders are allowed to pick up flowers at the greenhouse.
All flowers must be planted in public areas

Click here for a printable Block Captain Responsibilities

George J. Jones, Jr.
Clifton Heights Blitz Area Commander

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