Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 month old Pitbull Puppy needs a home

From: Adam Woehler
Subject: [TGSDogs] 7 month old Pitbull Puppy needs a home
A beautiful 7 month old female pit bull puppy came into the emergency clinic where my wife works last night. The dog has parvovirus which is very treatable, but the family could not afford the care. My wife and I have been given custody of the pit bull, which my wife has renamed Kimber, to save it from euthanasia and we are paying for the care she needs.  Care will include a complete vetting and spay. What she will need after that is a loving home.  When Kimber is ready, we will be asking for a small re-homing fee to help defray some of the costs. Please let me know if you have room in your home for this beautiful puppy.


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