Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Crime Update November 27, 2011.

Clifton Heights Neighborhood

Here is the Crime Update you’ve requested for today, November 27, 2011. This update includes all incidents added to the map since the last update you received.
Theft 1
Breaking & Entering 1
Assault 1
   Assault 1
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Breaking & Entering    
11/23/2011 09:05:00    
6000 Block MARMADUKE AVE    
Time(24h): 09:05:00
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

11/24/2011 17:00:00    
3100 Block LEOLA AVE    
Time(24h): 17:00:00
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

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St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department 
Non-Emergency Number  314-231-1212

Second District Community Outreach Meeting Tuesday December 20, 2011.Tuesday December 20, 2011Tuesday December 20, 2011The Second District Community Outreach Meetings are hosted by the Commander of the Second District. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with light refreshments being served until 7:00 p.m.Location: Senior Center at Arsenal and Sublette
Contact Officer Don Veile @ 444-0168 or diveile@slmpd.org
To learn more about the

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Watch training,
or contact Officer Don Veile @ 444-0168 or diveile@slmpd.org

Police say the bad guys don't want to go where they think they'll get caught.
"They don't want to be in a neighborhood where neighbors actually call police," Sgt. Dennis says. "[Criminals] want to be in a neighborhood where nobody gets involved."
Police urge you to start a Neighborhood Watch where you live. Contact police by email at communityoutreach@slmpd.org or by phone at (314) 444.5638 to get started. 

"For the good of the neighborhood"
Clifton Heights Federation of Block Units of Metropolitan St. Louis # 1695
PO Box 21812
Saint Louis, MO. 63109

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