Saturday, January 14, 2012

[swcitydogpark] Dog Found- Needs Weekend Home Until Stray Rescue can pickup

Hi there,

I found a stray pit bull today in my neighborhood. Stray Rescue (no-kill shelter) received the request today to pick her up, but will not be here tonight, and maybe not tomorrow night.
I live in an apartment and just cannot keep her over the weekend because of my landlord's regulations.

Would any of you be willing to keep her over the weekend?
I called every no-kill shelter I could get a number for (St. Charles, St. James, etc.) but all were full or did not answer.

I have put her in a crate in our basement, and could loan someone the crate for the weekend. She is super-sweet and friendly. Barky while in the crate, but otherwise very friendly and affectionate.

Please call me at (615) 727-2298. PetSmart scanned her for a microchip and didn't find anything.


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