Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lost Dog - Cleopatra

Our dog, Cleopatra (Cleo), an Italian Greyhound, ran away from our dog sitters yard on the 6200 block of Magnolia Ave. yesterday (9/21) at around 4:30am.

She is grey and white, about 10lbs, and has the tattoo "65" in one of her ears. She is a puppy mill rescue dog, so she's still very timid. If you see her, and you yell "up" she will crouch so that you can pick her up. She will not bite and is up to date on all her shots.

She will often times hide in enclosed spaces (a bush or on a porch) when she is scared, so she may be hiding in your back yard or bushes and you may not know it.

Any help would be appreciated and we are offering a reward for the trouble if you find her.

Here is my contact information if you see or know anything

Matthew Ortbals

Thank you!

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