Monday, January 12, 2009

Second District Crime Alert January 12, 2009

Second District Crime Alert January 12, 2009 The Second District has been experiencing a number of car break-ins during the late evening, early morning hours. It is requested you report any suspicious activity immediately. I also ask that you not leave any items in your cars such as GPS units, phones or other valuables. In order to identify and stop those responsible, we have several initiatives taking place. Typically a car break-in is not something where a fingerprint technician would be called, however due to the frequency, we are processing these cars. Additionally those reports normally taken over the phone are being handled by district officers to ensure a thorough investigation. Overtime units have been working late into the morning and assistance from other detective units is enabling us to zero in on those responsible. I am confident we will find those responsible and end this trend of what is a very bothersome act for those that have been victimized. Sincerely, Captain Mary Warnecke Commander Second District

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