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Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes May 26, 2009

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes May 26, 2009 President Becky Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:08pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. The Minutes of the April meeting were distributed, read, and a motion to accept as presented was made, seconded, and approved. President Becky Hughes gave the President’s Report. New Board members will be installed this month. We will be having Coffee in the Park this coming Saturday, May 30, and hope to see you there! Tiny Schaper presented the Treasurer’s Report. He wrote two checks to the IRS: $192 for the first installment payment and $105 for the IRS to set up a payment plan. These checks were written from the Checking account, when they cleared, he transferred that amount from Savings into Checking. The Savings account is to be used exclusively for paying the IRS; the Checking account is CHNA money and is not to be used for paying the IRS. The ending balance in the Checking account per the most recent statement is $3181.22; the ending balance in the Savings account is $4527.90. A resident suggested we have a fundraiser to generate the money and pay the entire IRS bill. Others questioned how we could owe taxes on a non-profit organization, and whether we had had a tax attorney look at the materials. We owe the taxes because no tax forms were filed for 4 years; all the taxes are penalties. Alderman Waterhouse again offered $500 towards attorney’s fees. A motion to accept Waterhouse’s offer was made, seconded, and approved. Alderman Waterhouse suggested that Chuck Bobinette review the tax documents. Tiny also noted that Jamie Kirk, from the former Clifton Heights Senior Center, still had a Sam’s Club card in her possession; he cancelled it on 4/29/2009. Public Officials: 2nd District Public Affairs Officer Don Veile was not able to attend, but sent crime statistics. 24th Ward Alderman Bill Waterhouse. Residents asked about neighborhood crime statistics, kids walking the streets and not yielding to cars, and a helicopter that circled the neighborhood Saturday night. Alderman Waterhouse did not know about the helicopter in the area on Saturday, but they did catch a burglar in the Clayton Tamm area that evening. Neighborhood Stabilization Officer Maria Cuciureanu noted that the non-profit group Arches will be having a 1-day free drop-off for hazardous materials (motor oil, pesticides, unused medications). It will be Saturday May 30th from 10-2 at Walnut Park School in Riverview; she had handouts available. She has surveyed the ward for vacant properties; 5956 Columbia was referred for the vacant property initiative (the building inspector will check it and potentially recommend it for demolition). Forestry is on a rotation cleaning vacant properties; if you think one was missed, call the Citizen’s Service Bureau. The city’s Vector Control program will start spraying for mosquitoes on June 1; she’s not sure if it is necessary call to request spraying. General tips: make sure pools are not stagnant; Vector Control can throw chlorine tablets in pools on vacant properties if they can get to the pool. You do need approval from the Health Dept. (not the Building Division) to install an above-ground pool. 2126 Knox may be abandoned; the grass has not been mowed this season. There are still ownership issues regarding the property at Marmaduke and Southwest. 65th District State Representative Michele Kratky. The House sent 6-7 economic development bills to the Senate, and on the last day the Senate finally sent one back to the House. A couple of new laws did pass. Motorcyclists are no longer required to wear helmets except on interstates. Motorcyclists and bicyclists may now proceed through red lights (left, straight, or right) after stopping at waiting a “reasonable” period (because some signals are not sensitive enough for these vehicles to trigger the light cycle). Felons can now serve alcohol at restaurants. All of these are still pending approval from the Governor by July 15. There is a plan to rename I-64/Hwy 40 “Jack Buck Highway” from Skinker to downtown. Harris Stowe State University was leasing the building on Wilson (on the Hill); the state can now sell the property to them after they get two appraisals. New cars will now not need to obtain inspections for the first 5 years after assembly. Special Guest: John Ragenbogen, Director of Scenic Missouri. Scenic Missouri works with communities to regulate billboards. They are particularly concerned about new digital billboards and old billboards that are in poor condition or do not meet current standards. Some groups are trying to grant the billboard industry much more freedom in billboard construction; Scenic Missouri opposes this. Kansas City and Columbia have laws that prohibit (or severely restrict) the construction of new digital billboards; St. Louis has no such restrictions. If you have issues with current billboards, your best option right now is to call the Mayor’s Office. New Business: Installation of the CHNA Officers. The officers for the 2009-2010 year were installed: President Mike Foster, Vice President Becky Hughes, Treasurer Tiny Schaper, Secretary Kathy Migneco. For the Good of the Neighborhood: New Neighbors: None in attendance. The next Coffee in the Park is scheduled for 8-10am this Saturday, May 30th. Party in the Park: we need to start planning. It will be held September 26th this year. We need people interested in helping with the Silent Auction, Games, Food, Music, Membership, Logistics (set-up; clean-up). Peter Wollenberg offered to head the History Exhibit again this year. Josh Wiese will look into bands. We should check into the paddleboat we have used in the past. IRS settlement clarification: Tiny Schaper requested confirmation of who was going to contact an attorney on behalf of CHNA and what our goal was (reduced settlement?). Alderman Waterhouse was willing to, but did not have the information. Tiny requested permission to hand over the relevant materials to Alderman Waterhouse; a motion was made, seconded, and approved with no opposition. The goal is a reduced settlement or confirmation of the charges as currently listed by the IRS. AMVETS is having a BBQ this Saturday starting from noon until the food runs out, and another one on June 27. The AMVETS auxiliary is hosting a breakfast on June 14 from 8-11am. CHNA Bylaws should be available on the CHNA website. The Census will be coming through early next year; please reply…it affects funding in the city! The next meeting will be at 7:00pm on Monday, June 22nd. A motion to adjourn made, seconded, and adjourned at 8:25pm.

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