Thursday, October 01, 2009


CLIFTON HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MINUTES AUGUST 24, 2009 The meeting was opened at 7:05 pm by Vice President Becky Hughes. President Mike Foster was out of town. Minutes from the July meeting were distributed, read and a motion to accept as presented was made seconded and approved. Tiny Schaper presented the Treasurers report. Our current checking account balance is $3,095.22 and our savings account balance is $4533.72. Tiny states that our liability insurance which covers us for the year is due in September. It is raised this year to $677. There was discussion on the floor as to whether we need this insurance and that the fee has increased considerably in the past few years. With Party in the Park in Sept. it was felt we probably needed some coverage. Ald. For the 23rd. Ward Joe Vaccaro was present and stated that he thought the Parks Dept. covered insurance for an event at Tilles Park as a cosponsor of the event. He said he will contact a parks dept official to check on this. Tiny will not pay this bill at present. Officer Veile was present and handed out a crime comparison chart for the neighborhood. He states the Captain has started new patrols and there have been 17 burglars apprehended since then. There are also 2 policemen riding bikes on patrol and there will be one on a scooter. He also talked and handed out applications and information on a Citizens Academy run by the Police Dept. Course begins Sept. 16, 2009. It is a classroom and interactive experience. Applications may also be obtained or call 314 444 5638. Ald. Joe Vaccaro from the 23rd Ward spoke of efforts to crack down on owners of vacant or nuisance properties and feels he is having some success. There is a program to send landlords to management classes where they can learn tips to screen tenants. They have already closed 2 drug houses. Party in the Park Martha Rybinski reports the silent auction committee has sent out 200 letters for donations and she has already has some responses. She is also spearheading an effort to have a tree planted in the park in memory of Kay Marshall and to possibly do this at party in the park. Becky has contacted a band TRIGGER 5 that plays 50’s and 60’s style music and is planning on booking them. The drummer lives in the neighborhood. There have been no newsletters published since March 2009. Becky has a simple publishing program on her computer and will try to get a newsletter out before PIP. A computer publishing program may be purchased when it is decided who will do it and what computer server they have. Tiny’s wife will help with yard signs for PIP Becky will check to see if City will spray park for mosquitoes prior to PIP No new neighbors at meeting. No coffee in the park in Sept. and will try to have one in mid October. New Business Tiny suggests that we may want to restructure the way we charge and handle dues paying. We currently pay $10 yearly per family which covers Oct to Oct. He suggested we charge $12 yearly and that way if you join in the middle of the year you could pay $1 monthly. There was some discussion on the floor but no motions were made. The next meeting will be Sept. 28th at 7 PM Motion made and seconded to close meeting and meeting closed at 8:30 . Respectfully submitted Kathy Migneco secretary

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