Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Approved Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Minutes APRIL 26, 2010

The meeting was opened at 7 PM by President Mike Foster and we said pledge of allegiance to the flag.
Mike introduced Mayor Francis Slay to speak before business portion of meeting.
Mayor Slay spoke about the need and the difficulty to balance the city budget this year.
He states we will be $45 million dollars short out of a $450 million dollar budget. Public
Safety is the top priority and there is no desire to cut any police or fire protection. The
fiscal year begins July 1 and there is a proposal that will probably go to the Board of
alderman regarding a modest trash fee for all property owners as a way to help the
deficit. Also the amount of money given to each alderman for their wards will be
reduced. The mayor also took questions from the floor and answered all of them. We
thanked the Mayor for coming and then resumed our regular meeting format.
The minutes of last meeting had been distributed and were accepted as presented.
The treasurers report by Tiny Schaper----Our current savings balance is $2.49 and our
current checking balance is $2,258.07. The report was accepted as presented.
Officer Veile reports that crime is down 36% in our area. There is going to be a sale of
the clubs to help prevent car thefts this Sat. at Cleveland High School, cost $11.
Alderman Waterhouse from the 24th Ward reports that 24th ward residents can again join
the Maplewood Swim club for resident fees.
Animal control is picking up some of the domesticated ducks at Clifton Park Lake and is
bringing them to farmers who will take them.
He requested permission to bring members of the Community Development Agency to
talk to us about a Conservation District and it was agreed he would check into this for the
next meeting.
There have been no firm bidders for the old church property at Southwest and Clifton.
The proposed Animal shelter at Arsenal viaduct is still working on funding.
Old Business Giselle Coleman reported that the Easter Egg hunt in the park went well
and they had a recycling bin there so plastic eggs could be recycled. A motion was made
to reimburse Giselle $148 for money she spent on the eggs and it passed unanimously.
Party in the Park will be Sept. 25, 2010 and plans are going ahead.
Tom Eckelman from the St. Louis Track Club talked about the upcoming run in Clifton
Heights on Sat Aug. 21 in the evening. Woody Lange was going to talk with him about
how to set up our participation in the run.
New Business Brandon and Michael Hope at 5974 Columbia are having a hearing for an
occupancy permit for their landscaping business and were asking for a letter of support
from the neighborhood. They answered all questions about their business and it was
agreed to support them.
Erica Avellone is starting her own photography business at home but will go to people’s
homes for pictures and will only be doing computer work at her home. She also has a
hearing this week and was requesting a letter of support for CHNA. She answered all
questions and it was agreed to support her.
Election of officers Woody Lange reports that everyone is running unopposed. Mike
Foster for President, Vicky Wertich for Vice President , Kathy Migneco for secretary
and Tiny Schaper for treasurer. Tiny has agreed to remain as treasurer until a
replacement can be found. A motion was made to accept all candidates as presented,
seconded and approved.
Installation will be next month.
New neighbor is Susan Luxem at 6026 Magnolia.
Amvets will have a mothers day breakfast May 9th from 8 till 11 AM and will have their
next Bar-B-Q May 22nd starting at noon.
The next meeting will be May 22, 2010.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and approved. The meeting ended
at 8:40 PM.
Respectfully submitted
Kathy Migneco secretary

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