Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Clifton Heights Block Captains Needed For 2011 Blitz Weekend-March 26th & 27th

  Project Blitz is Operation Brightside's annual campaign to clean up city neighborhoods.
Lead your block for Project Blitz by volunteering to be a Block Captain. Click here to read the Responsibilities of a Block Captain. Join the effort to make St. Louis a cleaner, more beautiful place to live. Call (314)772-4646 for more information.

  As you know, it is important that all city residents have the information they need about the clean-up.  To do this, we need active Block Captains on each block.

2011 Clifton Heights Blitz Weekend is March 26th & 27th
Blitz 2011 will be a little different--instead of Blitz Saturdays there will be Blitz weekends.  This gives everyone the entire weekend to clean their area.  Bulk items must be at the designated bulk pick-up location by 6:00 am on Monday.  Bulk items will be picked up on Monday and Tuesday of that week.

May  Operation Brightside count on you to serve as a Clifton Heights Block Captain for Blitz 2011?  Please take a few moments to let them know in one of three simple ways:

1)  Call 772-4646 to let them know   --OR-- 
2)  E-mail:    --OR --
3)  Go to there website and click on Contact Us tab

To fully update there records they ask that when you call or e-mail, please include your current phone number and e-mail address to ensure your Area Commander will be able to reach you.

If you cannot serve as Block Captain for Blitz 2011, is there someone on your block who will take your place?  If so, please ask them to call Operation Brightside at 772-4646.

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