Friday, March 18, 2011

Clifton Heights Neighborhood Resident Maurice Harris

Meet Maurice Harris aka "Mr. Bones" Unique Artistic Designs Made with Coins Some time ago, in Milwaukee, WI, Maurice's sister introduced him to a wooden domino set with painted dots, otherwise known as "bones". Maurice was intrigued with the set and began working with wood and built a larger set made with 2 x 4 boards. Maurice took the set to a nearby park and everybody was amazed by it. He began selling his domino sets and that is how he earned the nickname "Mr. Bones". Mr. Bones later discovered various ways to place coins into the wood. He then began making wooden canes that you may see used by various people around our country. He was featured in a St. Louis American article presenting a cane to Ronald Isley of the Isley Brothers. He has also made domino sets for Spike Lee and Arsenio Hall. Aaron Neville, his brother and his guitar player each have one of Mr. Bones one of a kind custom canes. NBA great, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Shaquille O'Neal also have one of his unique walking canes. On occasion, you might see Maurice any day carrying his canes promoting his side business. In addition to the domino sets and canes, Maurice has made chess sets, paperweights, dice and plaques with coins spelling peoples’ names. He has also given to charities helping different organizations. Maurice was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He currently resides in South St. Louis. If interested in one of his many “unique artistic designs made with coins”, please call (314) 732-7865.

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