Friday, July 01, 2011

Crime Alert Update

July 1, 2011


Mostly recently their have been several issues of concern within the district. I am happy to inform you that several arrests have been made. On Thursday June 30, 2011 a business was robbed in the 3800 block of Watson. An alert resident noticed a masked suspect running from the business. He called 911 immediately and district officers arrested the suspect and recovered all the property taken. This is a prime example of what everybody needs to do, contact the police first. Don’t contact your Alderman or neighborhood representative and wait 10 minutes or longer, call 911 ASAP. Ask yourself this question if your family member was in immediate assistance and you needed help would you call those mention above or would you call 911. Please approach the issues of crime the same way.

The suspect who was responsible for the robbery in the 6900 block of Chippewa has been arrested as well as the suspect who robbed a business in the 1500 block of Hampton. A business owner in the 5300 block of Macklind was approached and offered an opportunity to purchase several appliances at a reduce rate, believing these items were stolen he stalled the sale, contacted 911 and the subject was arrested. The property was return to a Second District resident who was a victim of a burglary during the month of June.

Thefts from motor vehicles continue to drive our crime numbers. Please continue to PARK SMART and inform others to do the same. With the Fourth of July upon us be mindful that others will use this as an opportunity to commit crime. I can not stress the importance of not leaving valuables in your vehicle enough. This type of crime is not just a City problem it is a problem throughout the metropolitan area. 

Copper thefts are occurring during daylight hours. Criminals have been known to pose as “legitimate” workers.   If you see someone at a vacant or home for sale contact 911 and let us determine if they belong there. Theft of copper gutters and downspouts are also occurring during the daylight if you see someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t belong, again contact 911.

Regarding traffic issues within the district, Officer Veile is in the process of pricing a hand held radar gun which will be assigned to the Second District. As soon as funds become available I plan on assigning an officer to this issue full time. Other district officers will be trained and when time permits these officers will also help in the endeavor.

Lastly please beware of your surroundings during your travels, pay close attention as to who or what is approaching you from the front and from behind, criminals look for victims who are unaware of their environment (day dreaming) and remember if you see anything suspicious do not hesitate to call 911.


Captain Ronnie Robinson                                                                                                                                     
Commander, Second District                                

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