Tuesday, November 22, 2011

update on armed robberies occurring on Sulphur, Bradley and Sulphur

Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
23rd ward web

I received this e-mail and thought I would share it with you. Also FYI he got a two hundred thousand cash only bond. I also am going to try to get this address on the nuisance property list. I can not give you an exact address on the house because it is an ongoing investigation


I was on Vacation last week and forgot to set my phone up with the proper message (out of office notification), any way the robber has been caught by the Second District Detective Bureau Back on the 17th a subject living in the 6000 block of Scanlon was arrested and charged with three armed robberies occurring on Sulphur, Bradley and Sulphur. The gun used in the robberies was also recovered. It turned out to be a BB Gun, a replica of a 9mm hand gun. Suspect made a taped confession Warrants were issued.

From: George Jones
Clifton Heights Neighborhood Webmaster
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