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Effective 1/28/2013 these CHNA Bylaws / Revised 01/28/2008 by Membership are now outdated

The Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association
St. Louis, Missouri 63139
The name of this organization shall be The Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association.
The area of the Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association shall be bounded by Hampton Avenue on
the East, Arsenal Street on the South, Ivanhoe Avenue on the West, and the St. Louis—San Francisco
Railroad Company tracks on the North.
The purpose of the Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association shall be:
1. To provide an effective means through which the people in the area can work together to maintain
and improve the living standards and the social conditions of the area.
2. To serve as a means of communication between this neighborhood and official government
3. To foster and encourage measures conducive to the improvement of the area by strict application
of existing zoning regulations, aggressive action against all efforts to breach these regulations,
and continuous efforts to terminate violations now existing.
1. Any individual of the area, 18 years of age or over, of any family renting or owning property in
the area, is eligible for a membership upon payment of dues and is entitled to two (2) votes per
household, after 30 days of receipt of payment, except for renewals paid prior to October 1.
2. Any organization, agency, or business in the area is eligible for a membership upon payment of
dues and is entitled to one (1) vote.
3. No individual shall be entitled to more than one (1) vote regardless of the number of
memberships held.
4. An open invitation exists for the clergy of all area churches and the principals and teachers of the
area schools who reside outside the area to become honorary members. These honorary members
shall not have the right to vote or hold office.
2 CHNA Bylaws / Revised 01/28/2008 by Membership
5. All individual memberships are registered by home address, and shall be $10.00 per year. All
organizations, agency, or business memberships are registered by business address, and shall be
$25.00 per year.
6. The fiscal and membership year shall end on September 30 of each year and begin on October 1
of each year.
7. Any member whose dues are in arrears for sixty (60) days will be dropped from membership. In
order to be reinstated, the member must pay the full current year’s dues. Any past member whose
dues are not paid for the current year will not be permitted to vote.
1. Meetings of the General Body shall be held on the fourth (4th) Monday of each month. Meetings
shall be rescheduled to the Tuesday following the regular meeting when holidays conflict.
2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President. Three (3) days notice by mail or
phone of such meetings shall be mandatory. Only the business for which the special meeting was
called can be discussed. There may be no vote called during a special meeting.
3. At any meeting of the General Body the average number of paid members in attendance at the
prior three (3) meetings shall constitute a quorum. The quorum will be announced at the
beginning of each meeting.
The elective officers of the Association shall be:
1. These officers shall be elected by ballot of the members of the Association. A simple majority of
votes cast shall elect.
2. Vacancies in elective offices shall be filled by election. A simple majority of the votes cast shall
3. In January preceding elections, the nominating committee of four (4) members in good standing
shall be appointed by the President to place names of nominees on the ballot. Nominations shall
always be in order from the floor providing the nominee is present or has expressed in writing the
intention to accept the office if elected. All persons, whose names are given to the nominating
committee, must be contacted by the committee, and an oral report of their acceptance or
rejection of the nomination must be given to the membership. Nominees must be members in
good standing. At the February meeting all nominees will be announced. At the March meeting,
all nominees will be present.
3 CHNA Bylaws / Revised 01/28/2008 by Membership
4. Officers shall be elected in April and installed in May for a term of one (1) year. They shall serve
from the time they are installed in May until the new officers are installed in the succeeding May.
No officer shall succeed himself/herself in the same capacity for more than three (3) additional
terms (i.e., 4 years total).
5. On the night of the election, the President shall appoint three (3) tellers to preside over the
election and give their findings to the membership.
1. PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings using Roberts Rules of Order, appoint
all committees, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and perform all executive duties
incumbent upon the office of President.
2. VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of President in the absence of
the President. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice-President shall assume the
office of President immediately.
3. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the Association,
shall be custodian of all records, and shall handle all correspondence, notice of meetings, and
such other duties as are directed by the Association. The Secretary shall assist with committees
that create publications or advertising, providing meeting minutes or archive materials as
4. TREASURER: All money shall be given to the Treasurer to record who from, how much and
what for. The Treasurer shall keep said funds in a checking account in any convenient bank and
shall prepare a report of receipts and expenditures to be read and distributed at EACH meeting.
1. The elective officers plus the Chairperson of each committee appointed by the President shall
constitute the Executive Committee. The outgoing President shall be an ex-officio member of
this committee for two (2) years if he/she desires. The committee shall meet when called by the
2. Members of committees must be current paid members of CHNA.
1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for suggesting to the General Body the policy for
raising financial resources sufficient to meet the needs of the organization. The General Body has
the sole authority for setting this policy.
2. All payments for expenses shall be made by the Treasurer with checks signed by two (2) officers.
4 CHNA Bylaws / Revised 01/28/2008 by Membership
3. Any expenditure in excess of $50.00 must be approved by the Executive Committee, and any
expenditure in excess of $100.00 must be approved by the General Membership.
These Bylaws must be amended in the following manner only:
1. The proposed amendment must be made by two (2) members in writing at a General Meeting and
lay over to the following regular meeting.
2. At the next regular meeting a vote is taken by the members, and if a majority approved the
amendment, it becomes a part of the Bylaws.
1. A quorum is necessary for a vote.
2. Any item needing a vote must be presented to the members twenty-five (25) days prior to the
vote, except routine matters following Roberts Rules of Order (i.e., Minutes of the meeting
approval, call for adjournment, etc.).
3. Absentee ballots must be submitted one (1) week prior to the vote. These ballots will be included
in the calculation of a quorum.
4. All votes must be certified by two (2) officers of the CHNA.
No motion, resolution, or provision offered, conflicting with the laws of the city, state, or federal
government shall be entertained by the presiding officer of the Association.

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