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Local Government Briefings - June 29, 2012, Volume 15, Issue 26

Local A News Bulletin from
June 29, 2012, Volume 15, Issue 26
In This Week’s Edition:
RFP for Consultant Services to Develop & Produce a Plan for Sustainable Development for the St. Louis
RFP for Legal Consulting Services
East-West Gateway’s Draft Transportation Planning Documents and the Coordinated Human Services
Transportation Plan Posted Online
The Regional Plan for Sustainable Development's Community Planning Areas Meetings Continue
-Conferences and Events
Independence Day Naturalization Ceremony at the Old Courthouse
What MU Extension Can Do For You - Open House
EPA Brownfields Grant Proposal Writing Strategies Workshop
“Violence in the Workplace” and “Leadership Standards”
Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network Event in O’Fallon, Ill.
Missouri Downtown Revitalization Conference
Madison County Institutes Telephonic Emergency Notification System
More Carrot, Less Stick Needed for Affordable Housing
-Online Resources
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers
Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Series
Let's Play Community Construction Grants
Federal Economic Development Assistance Programs
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RFP for Consultant Services to Develop & Produce a Plan for Sustainable
Development for the St. Louis Region
East-West Gateway Council of Governments is seeking proposals from a consultant or a team of
consultants with expertise in sustainable development/practices and regional plan development to provide
planning services as part of the Regional Sustainable Communities Planning Grant from the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development. Services will include workshops, multiple public
engagement events, pilot studies, and working closely with the Council staff to create a draft and final plan
for sustainable development for the St. Louis region. The full text of the RFP can be viewed on East-West
Gateway's Web site at
RFP for Legal Consulting Services
East-West Gateway Council of Governments is seeking a consultant to provide legal services for the St.
Louis Fusion Center - Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Group. Responses to this request are due by July
5, 2012 at 4 PM local time. This Request for Proposals is available on the East-West Gateway Web site
East-West Gateway’s Draft Transportation Planning Documents and the
Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan Posted Online
Public comment accepted through July 6
East-West Gateway has posted on its Web site at the Draft Transportation
Improvement Program, the Draft Air Quality Conformity Determination, and the Draft Coordinated
Human Services Transportation Plan documents on its Web site for public review and comment. Find
below a brief description of the purpose of each of these documents:
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a financial and implementation schedule for projects
receiving federal transportation funding in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Projects identified in the TIP
are prioritized from, and must be consistent with, the region's 20-year Long-Range Transportation Plan.
The TIP consists of a four-year program: the current year plus the next three consecutive years.
Air Quality Conformity Determination
As part of the development of the TIP, East-West Gateway is responsible for the preparation of the Air
Quality Conformity Determination. Under the provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of
1990, East-West Gateway, as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the St. Louis
region, is the agency responsible for making the Conformity Determination. The TIP must be found to be
in conformity with all applicable State Implementation Plans and with the mobile source emissions budgets
as established by the states before the TIP can be approved by the MPO and the Federal Highway
Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan
A regional planning tool that includes an inventory of known human services transportation providers in
the region, identifies gaps in the current service and coordination, and lists strategies to address noted
gaps in service.
The Regional Plan for Sustainable Development's Community Planning Areas
Meetings Continue
A vital component of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development is the focus on sub-regional analysis.
By examining closely the housing, transportation, environmental and economic needs of selected
Community Planning Areas (CPAs), we hope to draw lessons and to highlight best practices that can be
applied in all the communities of the St. Louis metropolitan region. Over the course of the planning
process, a total of four public meetings are being held in each CPA. The first round of meetings were
completed in May.
The second round of meetings started on June 27 and will continue through August. At these meetings,
the St. Louis Regional Sustainable Communities planning team will share a summary of citizen input
provided during the first round of meetings and gather more detailed information on the priorities and
concerns of residents, business owners and community leaders. Whether you attended the first round
meetings or not, plan on getting involved in the regional planning process this summer. The remaining
scheduled meeting locations and dates are:
• Mid-Metro 5 – July 17
• Northeast County – July 11
• Riverbend – July 24
• Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, July 31
• Tri-City – August 9
• Lemay – August 22
• Belleville-Swansea – August 13
• Pevely-Herculaneum-Festus-Crystal City – August 28
• East Riverfront – TBD
Please share this information with your colleagues and friends. You can find an electronic flyer for
download and distribution at
The flyer provides more detailed information on the geographic area included in each of the above CPAs.
A full description of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development can be found at
Conferences and Events...
July 3: Independence Day Naturalization Ceremony at the Old Courthouse
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, in cooperation with the National Park Service at Jefferson
National Expansion Memorial will commemorate Independence Day with a naturalization ceremony at 1
PM in the rotunda of the Old Courthouse, downtown St. Louis. Approximately 75 prospective United
States citizens will take the oath of citizenship in this historic building which will be decorated with an array
of patriotic 19th Century decorations, including a 33-star, 36’ x 20’ Garrison Flag suspended from the
fifth-level balcony. The Air National Guard Band of Central States Brass Quintet will set the tone of this
ceremony with a patriotic concert from 11:45 AM. – 12:45 PM. Event is free.
July 11: What MU Extension Can Do For You - Open House
The St. Louis County office of MU Extension invites you to its Open House on Wednesday, July 11. The
purpose of this event is to demonstrate how Extension serves the people of St. Louis County. By
attending this information session, you can learn much more about the work the faculty provide for the
community through Extension programming and how to utilize it for yourself or organization. Participants
will meet in small groups with each faculty member for a short presentation on their programs followed by
a brief Q&A session. The open house will be held from 4 - 6 PM at the World Trade Center Building, 121
S. Meramec, 10th Floor, Clayton. Register by July 5 at .
July 19: EPA Brownfields Grant Proposal Writing Strategies Workshop
This one-day Grant Writing Workshop is designed for communities interested in applying for an EPA
Brownfields Assessment Grant (Community-Wide, Site-Specific or Coalition) or Cleanup Grant. The
workshop will assist participants in detailing response strategies to Threshold and Ranking Criteria as well
as utilizing the TAB EZ grant writing tool and discuss the planning process, specifically engaging the
community and partners in the Brownfields initiative. Communities considering applying for an EPA
Brownfields assessment or cleanup grant this fall and communities that have applied for an EPA
assessment or cleanup grant and have not been funded will benefit by attending. Consultants are
welcome; however, priority will be given to community representatives because of limited seating. The
workshop will be held on Thursday, July 19, from 9 AM - 3:45 PM at the Missouri Department of Natural
Resources offices – Jefferson City. There is no fee to attend and lunch is provided. For more information
and to register, go This workshop is being offered by TAB (Technical Assistance to
Brownfields Communities) In collaboration with EPA Region 7 and the Missouri Brownfields Voluntary
Cleanup Program.
July 19 & 20: “Violence in the Workplace” and “Leadership Standards”
Workshops in St. Peters for Employers and HR Professionals
MoPELRA, a professional organization committed to fostering the advancement and understanding of
human resources management in Missouri's public sector, is sponsoring two workshops to be held at the
Spencer Road Branch of the St. Charles City-County Public Library in St. Peters. The “Violence in the
Workplace” workshop will be held on Thursday, July 19, from 1-3 PM. While many employers seek to
improve safety in the workplace, one facet that is often overlooked is violence in the workplace.
Workplace violence is often preventable through an active safety place. Sign up for this workshop to learn
the best way to protect your workplace. The “Leadership Standards” workshop will be held on Friday, July
20, from 9-11 AM. Leadership is a powerful substance that can be easily abused in the workplace. Learn
realistic methods for building trust and establishing positive leadership in the workplace. You will learn
effective leadership behaviors and the impact on the workplace when it is abused. Participants will learn
the power of respect, five key formulas for success, effective management skills that improve motivations,
productivity and a positive workplace environment, and interpersonal skills needed to keep every meeting
more productive and focused. Read more about these workshops, register, and view directions to the
event location by going to and clicking on "July 2012 Workshops."
July 21: Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network Event in O’Fallon, Ill.
Keep Your Home, Illinois
Description: Preventing foreclosures is one of the most important things we can do to keep our
communities strong and our economic recovery moving forward. Earlier this year, Governor Quinn
launched the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN), a multi-agency initiative that connects
struggling homeowners to all the available foreclosure prevention tools in one location. As part of this
effort, IFPN is hosting Keep Your Home, Illinois events around the state. These events provide
homeowners access to free services, including foreclosure prevention counseling and legal advice in
addition to information about mortgage payment assistance programs, and tips on how to avoid mortgage
fraud. An IFPN event will be held on Saturday, July 21, from 9 AM - 2 PM at the Regency Conference
Center, Tuscany Grand Ballroom, 400 Regency Park, O’Fallon, Ill. Homeowners can find information and
resources to help them stay in their homes at or call the toll free hotline at
1-855-KEEP-411 (1-855-533-7411). On the Events page of the Web site they can find information on all
IFPN-organized events and other foreclosure prevention workshops across the state.
July 25 - 26: Missouri Downtown Revitalization Conference
The Missouri Downtown Revitalization Conference, to be held July 25-26, in St. Louis, provides learning
experiences for downtown groups in small towns and urban commercial districts. Sessions will focus on
sustainability, smart growth, local fiscal investment, job development, creating independent and innovative
businesses - all within the context of historic preservation using the 4-Point Main Street Approach®. The
conference will feature 24 educational sessions, six educational tours and many networking opportunities,
plus the Main Street Expo, sponsored by Missouri Main Street Connection, Inc. Go to for event details, schedule and registration information.
What’s in the News...
In regional news...
Madison County Institutes Telephonic Emergency Notification System
The Madison County, Illinois Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has instituted the CodeRED
Emergency Notification System - an ultra-high-speed telephone communication service for emergency
notifications. This system will allow the EMA to telephone all or targeted areas of the County in case of an
emergency situation that requires immediate action - such as a chemical spill, missing child or evacuation
The system is capable of dialing 60,000 phone numbers per hour. It will deliver a recorded message to a
live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to any number. The message
recipient’s Caller ID will read Emergency Communications Network or 866-419-5000 for CodeRED calls.
For CodeRED Weather Warning calls, either Emergency Communications Network or the number
800-566-9780 will appear on Caller ID displays.
When signing up for the CodeRED Emergency Notification System Madison County residents will also
have the option to register for CodeRed Weather Warnings. Those that would like to be notified of
weather warnings (NOT weather watches) must sign up. Weather warning notifications are designed to
be delivered to targeted areas. If your address in the path of the storm, you will receive notification via
your registered phone, whether you register your landline or your cell phone. If you are not in the path of a
storm warning, you will not receive a notification.
No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. It is recommended that all
businesses register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their
phone number or address within the past year, or those who use a cellular phone or VoIP phone as their
primary number.
For more information and to register your phone number to receive this service, go to
Source: Madison County, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
In national news...
More Carrot, Less Stick Needed for Affordable Housing
Mixed-income housing - infusing affordable housing with market-rate units - is relying more on incentives
and subsidies, than mandates, to stimulate development.
Dwindling are the days of segregating low-income residents into affordable housing-only enclaves. Today,
the need for affordable housing remains, yet an emerging trend is to utilize public incentives to co-mingle
income groups in mixed-housing developments.
"The concept is finding favor among for-profit and nonprofit developers alike, particularly in today’s tight
lending market," states Patricia Kirk of Urban Land Magazine, "because local governments offer a number
of incentives, including low-interest financing tools, cash subsidies and grants, free or low-cost land,
density bonuses, tax abatement programs, rehabilitation assistance, fast-tracking of plan reviews and
permits, and reduced or waived fees." It is these incentives that are driving private developers to include
affordable housing in their developments, sometimes mixing affordable units with multi-million dollar ones.
While city planners and some developers state that it's simply "the right thing to do," many cities have
been banned from mandating the inclusion of affordable housing into development plans by state statutes.
In turn, cities are now looking at the use of incentives to coax developers into voluntarily setting aside up
to 20 percent of their units as affordable housing.
For example, "Austin’s S.M.A.R.T. (Safe, Mixed-income, Accessible, Reasonably priced, Transit-oriented)
Housing Program offers developers a schedule of incentives based on the level of affordable housing
provided. The city provides additional density and height variance, or floor/area ratio, to encourage
provision of affordable housing and other community benefits, such as parking, open space, and
streetscapes." Other cities like Los Angeles, New York and Portland have used similar incentive
strategies to construct new transit-oriented developments, senior housing, art colonies and help revitalize
economically and environmentally distressed neighborhoods.
Read the full article at
Source: Planetizen Newswire, June 25, 2012
Online Resources...
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers
The U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program has produced the Plug-In Electric Vehicle
Handbook to provide fleet managers with information on plug-in vehicles, their maintenance, safety,
emissions, charging equipment, and other topics. The handbook covers technology basics for plug-in
electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, benefits, purchasing considerations, tips on maintenance, charging
equipment, and more. State and local officials may want to consider plug-in electric vehicles for their
fleets to demonstrate environmental leadership, reduce operating costs and emissions, and comply with
fleet requirements. The document is available at
Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Series
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a series of six factsheets on incorporating green
infrastructure measures into National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) wet weather
programs. The series builds upon existing EPA authority, guidance, and agreements to describe how EPA
and state permitting and enforcement professionals can work with permittees to include green
infrastructure measures as part of control programs. The six fact sheets and four supplements address
stormwater permits, total maximum daily loads, combined sewer overflow long-term control plans, and
enforcement actions. The series includes sample language and case studies to illustrate the concepts
discussed. The series is available at .
Finance Officer
City of Ballwin
The City of Ballwin is seeking candidates for the position of Finance Officer. The current Finance Officer
is retiring after 27 years of successful service. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of the
City's financial management including the $18 million budget, investments, purchasing, bond issues,
pension and payroll. This position reports directly to the City Administrator and supervises three full-time
clerks. A bachelor's degree in accounting or equivalent field is required. Successful candidates must
have at least three years municipal finance experience in a supervisory role. Knowledge of New World’s
Logos finance software and CPA certification preferred. Salary range is $68,171- $98,742 depending on
qualifications and experience. Send resume and application to Human Resources, City of Ballwin,
14811Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO 63011. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
Police Officer, Part-time
City of Beverly Hills
The City of Beverly Hills is accepting applications for the position of Part-time Police Officer. High school
or G.E.D. required; P,O.S.T. certification or current enrollment in a 600 hour academy preferred.
Candidates must complete assessments in written exam, oral interview, drug exam, and background
investigation. Starting salary is $12/hour. View the full job posting at EOE
Building Commissioner
City of Kirkwood
Ensures new construction, remodeling or repairs meet min. standards of Kirkwood’s building codes &
zoning ordinances. Issues residential & commercial building, mechanical, residential & electric permits,
contractors’ licenses and residential & commercial re-occupancy permits. Reviews building plans &
prepares Operating & Capital Budgets. Comprehensive knowledge of building codes & building
construction. Ten years experience. in plan review, building code enforcement and thorough knowledge of
building construction. ICC & CBO preferred. Apply by July 18. Starting range: $55,827 - $69,784/yr.
DOQ. Submit resumes to: City of Kirkwood, Attn: Human Resources Dept.-BC, 139 South Kirkwood Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63122. EOE
Police Major – Support Services
City of Wentzville
The City of Wentzville Police Department is seeking a highly qualified law enforcement professional with a
minimum of seven years of law enforcement supervision and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in
Criminal Justice or related field or a qualified combination experience and education. Applicants must also
have attended a police related command school such as FBINA, SPI, or Northwestern. Applicants should
read the entire job description before applying and understand the pay range is $70,129 (low point) to
$84,155 (mid point). Application deadline is July 18 at 5 PM. The full job description and employment
application is available at EOE
GIS Technician
City of Kirkwood
Maintain city’s Geographic Information System (GIS) programs using ESRI products to create, modify and
analyze spatial and attribute data. Develop quality innovative cartographic products. Establish
benchmarks & verify data in field with a Global Positioning System. Assist in development of GIS
websites. Two-years GIS. experience/education/training. Two years ArcGIS & ArcView. Exp w/HTML,
JavaScript, CSS, XML languages. Experience developing web-based applications & websites w/C#,
.NET, MVC, Flex or Silverlight. 40 hrs/wk Starting: $37,200 - $46,000/yr DOQ. Mail resume to: City of
Kirkwood, Attn: HR-MIS, 139 South Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122. EOE
Deputy Clerk
City of Velda City
The City of Velda City is seeking applicants to fill the position of Deputy Clerk to the Court / Police Clerk
and the City Clerk. The position requires a person with data entry, accounts billing & receiving, Microsoft
Office & Excel, and customer service skills. The position starts full time (40 hours) @ $11.00 an hour.
There is a requirement to work night court twice a month. The candidate will receive health and dental
after 30 days of employment. Send resume and references to: City of Velda City, 2803 Maywood Ave, St.
Louis, MO 63121. Contact person is Shanelle Roussan, Interim City Clerk at (314)382-6600 or EOE
Senior Engineering Technician
City of Chesterfield
The City of Chesterfield is accepting applications for the position of Senior Engineering Technician. This
position is responsible for technical drafting, GIS mapping, and inspection work in the office or field and
maintaining databases, spreadsheets, maps, drawings, and archive records. The successful candidate
will have a working knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, ArcGIS, and AutoCAD software. Training in
Microstation or SQL software is also preferred. High school diploma or equivalent and valid driver’s
license is required. Two years of technical school and two years of experience in databases and
Geographical Information Systems preferred. This is a full time hourly position with a rate of pay of $21.75
per hour. A City Employment Application must be submitted for consideration. The City Employment
Application is available at Submit completed City Employment Application and
resume to Chesterfield City Hall, 690 Chesterfield Pkwy W, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Attn: Senior
Engineering Technician. Open until filled. EOE
Recreation Supervisor I
City of University City
This is specialized supervisory work in the management of the city’s recreation programs, facilities and
services. Positions in this class are distinguished from those in related classes by the fact that a
Recreation Supervisor I is responsible for planning, developing, participating, and supervising the work of
persons engaged in the operation of recreational activities, programs, facilities and special events. Salary
range is $36,048 - $45,552 annually. The closing date for applications is July 12. The full job posting and
application instructions are online at EOE
Police Officer
City of Chesterfield
The City of Chesterfield is accepting applications for the position of Police Officer. High School or G.E.D.
required; two years college credit in a related field preferred. P.O.S.T. certification or currently attending a
600 hour academy preferred. Candidates must complete assessments in: physical fitness, written exam,
oral interviews, drug/psychological exams and background investigation. Starting salary is $48,955 with
P.O.S.T. certification, or $38,862 while in training academy. View the full job posting and application
instructions at EOE
City Manager
City of Berkeley
The City of Berkeley is seeking a City Manager. The City of Berkeley manages its own Police and Fire
Departments and has an annual budget of $14 million. Candidates must show demonstrated ability in
budget, finance, capital improvement, staff relations and supervision, business, and community and
intergovernmental relations. Economic development with downtown development and redevelopment
programs would be a plus. This position will report directly to the Mayor and the City Council. View the
full job description, qualification requirements and application instructions at All applications/resumes received by July 7 will be considered.
Pre-employment testing required. EOE
Engineer I
City of Creve Coeur
The City of Creve Coeur seeks qualified applicants for the position of Engineer I in the Department of
Public Works. The Engineer I will perform various duties to support the City's capital improvement
projects and daily public works issues, including: site reviews and preliminary design surveys;
identification of problems; development of solutions; and development of drawings, reports, and contract
documents. The position prepares contract bid documents, completes grant applications, reviews
permits, monitors construction activity, and meets, responds, and assists the public on miscellaneous
public works issues. Five or more years of related experience or an equivalent combination of experience
and education. Knowledge of engineering design principles and good communication skills required.
E.I.T. or P.E. desirable. Certified MoDOT construction inspector desirable. Design and drafting
experience desirable. Starting salary $45,024 to $54,648 - full range extends to $64,272 plus excellent
benefits. Send resumes to Assistant to the City Administrator, City of Creve Coeur, 300 North New Ballas
Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141. EOE
Let's Play Community Playground Construction Grants
The Dr Pepper Snapple Group and KaBOOM! are offering grants to qualifying U.S.-based organizations
for the purchase of playground equipment that will be built using the KaBOOM! community-build model.
The program will provide grantees with a $15,000 grant to be applied toward their equipment purchase
from a KaBOOM! preferred vendor; access to planning tools on the Our Dream Playground Web site; the
opportunity to receive one-on-one planning support from KaBOOM! alumni; and post-build access to the
KaBOOM! alumni network. Grantees will plan their project and share best practices and challenges
through the Our Dream Playground Web site. The program is open to U.S. municipalities, neighborhood
associations, schools, day care centers, and nonprofit organizations without a playground or with existing
equipment that is unsafe for children to use. The application deadline is July 20. Go to for more information and to view additional playground related grant opportunities.
Federal Economic Development Assistance Programs
Under the Economic Development Assistance Programs (EDAP) Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO)
announcement, EDA will make construction, non-construction, and revolving loan fund investments under
the Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs. Grants made under these programs
will leverage regional assets to support the implementation of regional economic development strategies
designed to create jobs, leverage private capital, encourage economic development, and strengthen
America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. Through the EDAP FFO, EDA solicits applications
from rural and urban communities to develop initiatives that advance new ideas and creative approaches
to address rapidly evolving economic conditions. In fiscal year 2012, a total of $50,060,000 is available.
State and local governments, federally recognized tribes, non-profits, institutions of higher education are
eligible applicants. Application due dates vary program year; next due date is September 14.
"There are some people who will never, ever accept it [diversity]. But they're dying out."
Marge Corwin, who owns a flower and gift shop in Beardstown, Ill., where immigrants have helped the
rural community thrive.
Source: Reuters and Governing, June 25, 2012
"I'm a vegan. I'm kind of hungry all the time."
U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who supported but declined to join a four-day hunger strike led by a group of
U.S. Postal Service workers calling for Congress to fix the agency's problems.
Source: Huffington Post and Governing, June 27, 2012
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