Friday, March 27, 2009

2nd District CRIME ALERT March 27, 2009

CRIME ALERT March 27, 2009 Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a cell operating in our district at night committing car break-ins. They have hit us hard the last two nights in the Clayton-Tamm and Hill Neighborhoods. Please be mindful and aware of your environment and surroundings, such as suspicious pedestrians or vehicles with occupants that do not live in your neighborhood.
I encourage all residents to PARK SMART Lock your car. Don’t make it inviting for a criminal. Keep packages out of sight. Secure large items in your trunk. Do not leave computers or other electronic equipment in sight. If you place items in your trunk, please do so before arriving at your destination.
Also purchase a club from the Neighborhood Stabilization Team at City Hall, Room 418 (314-622-4628) or from your Second District Public Affairs Officer, Don Veile (314-444-0168). You can also purchase other anti-theft devices from outside vendors, such as a kill switch or GPS tracking devices. Remember if you seen anything suspicious remain unseen and call 911. Sincerely, Captain Ronnie Robinson Commander Second District

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