Friday, January 27, 2012

New Clifton Heights Neighborhood Facebook Page

Thanks to the new fans of our page. Please, keep spreading the word. Invite neighbors and friends. Let's make this one of the best neighborhood pages in all of St. Louis.

Clifton Heights, located along the southwest border of St. Louis Missouri, is a friendly and inviting neighborhood highlighted by a wonderful park with a playground and a lake - an ideal location for walking or hosting neighborhood-wide events throughout the year. The neighborhood is home to a rich history, houses of varying architectural styles, including some Victorians and numerous Arts and Crafts homes. Portions of Clifton Heights are among the earliest developed areas in southwest St. Louis. Moreover, there is a more varied topography throughout the neighborhood than in adjoining areas to the east and south. Relative to most of the City of St. Louis, there are noteworthy hills and prominent natural valleys. On this hill is a natural "dimple" or mini-valley. This bowl is the setting for Clifton Park and its small lake. Originally developed as a private park for residents of the Clifton Heights subdivision, the tract was conveyed to the city in 1912. About 1922, the city bought adjoining property, enlarging the park to its present size of 4.40 acres. This combination of natural topography and history gives much of Clifton Heights a look and feel that distinguishes it from elsewhere in St. Louis.
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Patti Gabriel said...

Our neighborhood has some wonderful small businesses and I feel fortunate to be one of them. This neighborhood is a delight to live and work in.
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